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A little bit into the afternoon, 20 years ago today, my father died. I hated him a lot. I still do. I can never forgive him, let alone forget what he did to me. But the worst part is that … Continue reading

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I should keep my mouth shut

The Unmovable Object just moved far far away. And now all I need to do is resist the urge to contact him. That is how he works. But that is how it is not working for me. I need him … Continue reading

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Forget you

… i want, as if you were never born, as if we wouldn’t have met. i am numb, i am sad almost all the time and i miss you. i miss the possibility of us together. i miss your wits, … Continue reading

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I no longer need compassion. I do need empathy, but not compassion. I will stop┬ábehaving like my problems and my pain are bigger and need more attention and compassion. I can soldier through the pain toward natural healing, I can … Continue reading

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