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A little bit into the afternoon, 20 years ago today, my father died. I hated him a lot. I still do. I can never forgive him, let alone forget what he did to me. But the worst part is that … Continue reading

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Forget you

… i want, as if you were never born, as if we wouldn’t have met. i am numb, i am sad almost all the time and i miss you. i miss the possibility of us together. i miss your wits, … Continue reading

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love is something very relative to me. Apparently my subconscious desires it. I think that being loved is a validation of oneself. So, the thinking is: do I need to be validated? I need to understand if validations of oneself … Continue reading

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Day 11 – A picture of you and your friends

This one is easy. I do not have friends so I do not have a picture of me and my friends.

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the sequel

i need to keep this going. i had my first session with the therapist. it did not go well or at least that is what i think of it. she told me to think about my need for therapy. after … Continue reading

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10 reasons why i should kill myself

1) i can not pull myself out of the hole i am in right now 2) i have no value to society 3) i am about to mess my son’s entire life 4) i can not connect to other people … Continue reading

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i am ugly

i am ugly. i am that ugly that men need to get intoxicated (mostly with alchool) before they fuck me.

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i fucked things up as i always do

he is a nice guy or so it seems, sofisticated, been around the block and further. has a partner and is looking for friends, or so he says. i liked the pictures he sent me. cute, attractive body, sporty attituide. … Continue reading

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