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Forget you

… i want, as if you were never born, as if we wouldn’t have met. i am numb, i am sad almost all the time and i miss you. i miss the possibility of us together. i miss your wits, … Continue reading

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accept joy and let go of fear

I got this quote from the golden globes telecast. I think it was Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t remember exactly. however I think this should be my state of mind from now on. you know, we often forbid … Continue reading

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why i fell out of love for you

right then, after i finished reading all the posts from your blog, the magic was broken forever. i knew right then and there that something is wrong. it took me several month to figure out your games. it was all … Continue reading

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with every meet we grow apart

and it pains me to see how powerless i am. and not good enough. and i learnt to love you. with every other day i love you more and the distance between us adds another mile. i know now that i … Continue reading

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true love

i was talking with my mom today about love and stuff and she just said to me: “you know, your father and i were in love even after 28 years. you know, after 28 years, he would still tell me … Continue reading

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my boyfriend name is…

… not yet decided. a fried of my office colleague visited today and as i was introduced, she noted out-loud that her husband name is Traian. right then and there i though how ironic would be to have a bf named Traian. ironic indeed: “here is … Continue reading

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letters to the editor

Dear Anonymous, se presupune ca toata lumea stie ca eu sunt gay pentru ca eu am ales sa fie asa. Fara sa fac ceva special pentru asta, mai devreme sau mai tarziu toti cei care ma cunosc, au sansa sa … Continue reading

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i met him online. then i met him face to face at the hotel where he was staying. he was nice. we chatted for an hour or so, then he invited me to his room upstairs, to “fuck my brains … Continue reading

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i admit i am into sex. after years of frustration i finally got it right. all these years it was because of that thing were not working the way they where suppose to. first i though i had something, then … Continue reading

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