10 reasons why i should kill myself

1) i can not pull myself out of the hole i am in right now
2) i have no value to society
3) i am about to mess my son’s entire life
4) i can not connect to other people
5) i fuck things up
6) i can not make and keep friends
7) i hurt people with my words
8) i have an almost phathological lack of trust in people
9) i have sex with dildos, not men
10) i can not love anyone, much less myself, that i hate most

one of these days i might just do it…

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4 Responses to 10 reasons why i should kill myself

  1. Pinocchi0 says:

    O parte din lista este valabila pentru oricine (e.g. Bambo No. 5 “i fuck things up” — who doesn’t?), alta parte pur si simplu nu corespunde adevarului (e.g. “i have sex with dildos, not men” — parca deunazi povesteai altceva?). Asa ca sorry, nu pot sa iau chestia asta in serios, drept care votez si eu pentru funny.

    In alta ordine de idei, asa ceva nici nu trebuie luat in serios. Este metoda cea mai sigura de a intretine o depresie. Care depresie, la drept vorbind, suna 1 pic a santaj sentimental… nu ti se pare?

  2. Blue Bear 250Lbs says:

    da, e santaj sentimental. atat stiu, atat fac. somebody, love me…

  3. Pinocchi0 says:

    Haha, banuiam eu šŸ™‚
    Pai e destul de simplu sa mai incerci si altceva. Learning by doing.

  4. Blue Bear 250Lbs says:

    usor de zis, greu de facut.

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