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i am thinking of you…

and you, and you, and you… every time i listen to vampire weekend and especially hortchata, i think of you. your long dark hair. i am sorry i could not take the initiative. i wish i could chase you (or … Continue reading

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i am freaked out. for the past week or so i have been so horny. even at work i could barely bear it. i do not undersrand what is going on. i suspect i may be coming down with something. … Continue reading

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Hold my hand

I keep wondering what is holding me back. I am told that when you like a guy, you go talk to him. Just like that. I say: easier said than done. I am thinking about this and I came to … Continue reading

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self-service sex

yesterday i had sex with myself in almost 7 month. for the first time i got to appreciate it, besides enjoying it. it occurred to me that it is satisfying, it does not cost much and it is immediate. it … Continue reading

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