self-service sex

yesterday i had sex with myself in almost 7 month. for the first time i got to appreciate it, besides enjoying it. it occurred to me that it is satisfying, it does not cost much and it is immediate. it is also free from responsibility other than that to yourself. that is in this way totally under your control. you can make it as long as you need it, just the way you need it and the size is always right. and you can circumvent the dating stuff, the boring conversation, the ugly face, his needs, his porn talk during ass fucking or the impossibility to watch porn while doing it. you can stop when you want or need or are done. you can also guilt-free fantasize about any porn star or guy in the street (straight ones included) that you like. thus i made amends with masturbation. well, i would like, once in a while, to hold or be held in bed, to cuddle with a man, but otherwise i am ok by myself.

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