the sex thing

it’s been a struggle ever since I was a teen. I grew up knowing that sex is something others do, adults at that time. I came of age with the same notion that sex is something that others do and I am not made for it. I am almost 51 yo and I still believe I am not made for sex. for me it is difficult to get, difficult to perform and impossible to enjoy. don’t get me wrong, I did some stuff that could be called sex but I did not enjoy almost any of it. of course, it was the old top or my Persian lover or a couple of bottoms but all in all, sex for me was not good I now I hate it. and there is also the size thing that paralizes me. I really believe I have a small penis and that I can not satisfy anybody with it. I hear this size doesn’t matter slogan and I hate it because I don’t believe it is true. being inept at sex and having a small penis I decided that I will give up on sex altogether. and that means also giving up on dating and any prospect of a relationship. I don’t feel good about sexless relationships and so I will be alone for all time. I have my life full, I have a 19yo son and that is enough. other than sex , I don’t see the need for a man in my life. I have been doing things alone all my life, wasn’t great but i have been moving on so I think I am good.

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On Empathy

I used to struggle with it. I was unaware of others and I still am most of the time. What I discovered recently is that when I pay attention I have, it seems, the ability to understand and see the needs and wants of others and act accordingly. From the smallest situation to the big stuff. For me it is what I know for sure about me. What is also true is that I had less empathy for myself. I used to discard myself and I discard my decisions and especially my abilities. I believe that it is self-awareness that informs me of what I can and can not do and I lacked self-awareness. I was afraid to believe that there are things I actually am able to do. I was afraid that if I do them people would think I am odd or would laugh at me. So I pretend I can not do anything. It was safe. This past summer I discovered in therapy that I am an extrovert actually. I was shocked but my therapist explained to me that I though I was an introvert because I was inhibited by my narcissistic father. It kind of became a super power for me. It allows me to have courage and do and connect and talk. It suddenly changed me. I feel less intimidated and empowered to connect with people. It is big. It is courage that follows empathy. But, I will talk about courage in a future post.

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the insecure alpha

don’t hold my hand, don’t touch me and, god forbid, never kiss me in public. you would ask why? well, his rationale is that people seeing us will figure out we are gay and would reckon that i am tye top and he is the bottom. i could barely contain my laughter. he was playing with me his alpha role and i let him. i am the alpha here even if with him i was a bottom in bed. i call the shots. but i let him believe what he needed to believe in order to get what i wanted from him. narcisists need to be acknowledged and get appreciation just enough and you get anything you want from them. occasionally there is the narcisist asshole that will make you jump through loops and you may want to not do that and him altogether. we eventually parted and only got to hand jobs and blow jobs. good enough considering what i had to put up with. but the young alpha was insecure. he was only 24.

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I should keep my mouth shut

The Unmovable Object just moved far far away. And now all I need to do is resist the urge to contact him. That is how he works. But that is how it is not working for me. I need him to write and get in touch once in a while if ge says he likes me. But he doesn’t. So I need to just get it: he just not that into me. And then I just need to shut up. And take a new hobby. Or just shut up.

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body shaming

I hated my body for as long as I can remember. My father body shamed me all the time. I was skinny and tall. Then somebody at school started calling me ‘the skeleton’. I tried to live with all of it but it was hard. At some point I just did not bother and let the shame control me. And I am telling you: it is not the truth. It is all in your head and was put there by somebody else because you did not know better to fight it.
When I was about 7yo I discovered in my father’s library a book about bodybuilding. I was amazed by the pictures of muscular men and I started dreaming of becoming one. Reading the book, I quickly realized
that it was for me a mission almost impossible. My father mentally incapacitated me and managed to make me believe I could not do anything in my
life on my own.
I am 45yo now and this year for the first time in my life I started doing something about it. I worked my ass off for the past two years and I want to continue even if at my age it is an uphill effort. I workout 6 time a week, eat as much as possible and as clean as I can, and I do what it takes. I love bodybuilding. I still have my days when I self-deprecate in front of other people even and I have other days when I discover myself in the mirror and have a rare “aha” moment.
I plan to compete in the fall of 2019 in a local bodybuilding or fitness show. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am up for it. Even if it started with body shaming, I still love what I do and it gave me a lot of satisfaction. As for body shaming, it doesn’t own me as much as it used to. I am still afraid to show my body as it is far from what I want it to be. But, after all, I am working for it and that’s all that matters.

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The Irresistible Force met the Unmovable Object

he is too distant. i am too pushy. or too insistent. or i just try too hard.

i really liked him. i still do. but is a post too far and i can’t reach it. he just won’t call, or text or bother. i don’t exist for him and he is my new obsession that i need to kick. so i did what my therapist suggested: i told him i am here with my door wide open and he can call me anytime, then i just shut up. if it happens, yay, if not, well, i wasn’t meant to be. he is a libra after all. i am a magical goat. not much celestial overlap here. but the sex was GOOD!!!! oh, so good! what a waste!

PS – in the unlikely case you wonder, i am the irresistible force…

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You knocked me off my feet

I am falling.
He doesn’t know.
He doesn’t care.
He’s just not into me.
We had sex and it blew my mind. I have no idea how it was for him. We slept together. Like, we took a nap in the same bed, after sex. I literally slept in his arms and it was beautiful.
Now, suddenly, I lost interest in meeting other guys I was in talks with. I only think about him all day and I am scared that I may have developed an obsession for him. I need to keep it cool. I am 45 years old after all, so I should know better.

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Meaningless Coincidences

a weekend to remember. filled with meaningless coincidences but relaxed and gay. yeah, he is good looking. ok! he is hot. all right! i fell. i am falling. it will go away. he is not going to call. or text. i always did. but it doesn’t matter. the sex was wild and exactly what i needed and have gone without for a while. i feel good about myself. he was stingy with the compliments so i am not hooked. i did not think it would happen. first i saw his hairy chest on his grindr profile. then he sent me a face pic. oh, boy, i said, this is not going to happen. then we spent 7 hours and i said, ok, this is it. then i stirred the pot and we moved the conversation to whatsapp. and we met again. briefly at the gym then we spent an afternoon eating and talking. then we went to his place to allegedly sleep. but we ended up having sex. like… wild hot savage sex. then we slept. then he shared food with me and then… the end.

PS – at the restaurant when we ordered I forgot to ask them to have the dill removed from the salad. he remembered and went to ask them just that. i don’t think is means anything but was nice nonetheless.

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my ex

8 month. to the day. the 5th day of the month. we met. we broke up. I was reluctant. i know i am insecure and sexually unfulfilled so a relationship would have been a disaster. because my mother and my father never truly loved me i grew up not knowing what love is. I grew up thinking that i am undeserving of love and that something is terribly wrong with me. so it is hard still today for me to love myself. self love is all that one needs to go out into the world and connect to people in any way. i lack that and, even if recently i discovered that i have some compassion for myself, it makes it hard for me to connect and give love and be loved. then enter G. he just knocked me off my feet. we talked for a while on grindr but he was spotty so i just lost interest. then one saturday afternoon he write to me “i want to have a baby with you”. it made me laugh. then we decided to meet in the club later that night. and we did. he would start telling all his friends that i was his lover and we’ve been having a one hour old relationship. he was cute. we talked a lot. i even told him my special story and still he wanted to stick with me. we went to my place and had sex that allegedly he enjoyed. then we talked more, had some tense moments when i tried to reject him only to let him in my life. one week in he bought me a gift because he read my horoscope that said i will receive a gift. then he left for a week in a previously planned vacation with his mother in Cyprus. the surprise at the return was overwhelming: one present for every day he was away. it was so romantic and so kind and i could not stop from crying. nobody did something like that for me. i was struck and could not contain my joy. however before he left i did something very bad. i kissed a guy in the club. it was this guy that was doing trx at the same gym i was going to. i used to gave at him not even suspecting that he was gay. the saturday before his departure we got separated because his mother came in town he is not out to his family. i panicked and i went in the club and saw this guy and lost it for a moment. i kissed him but half way through i realized that it was so wrong and i moved away and left tue club. i was ashamed for that kiss and eventually i told my boyfriend what i had done. he was pissed but he forgave me.

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i heart u

the t-shirt. did not see at first. i was way too much into his eyes and smile. our bodies touched for a brief moment and i felt his bulge, actually his erection right on my butt chic. oh, hello! he wants to talk. he wants to know me or something. he wants it all to be human. I really don’t know what he wants from me. all i know is I want to  fuck him. he is attractive and i must admit I am more than curious to see his dick. yeap. he makes a tea for himself and coffee for me. we seat at the table as if to talk but i say to him that it’s just sex and we don’t need to talk. after all he knows stuff about me  way more than it os necessary and I don’t know almost anything about him. we move in the bedroom upstairs.

oh, you should he the bedroom. it is spacious, to say the least. and he has a dresser that is size of my whole room at home. i point this out and he says that, there are whole famillies that live in smaller spaces. alas, he doesn’t get it. you don’t say that or anything. he is cinical and lacks emphaty. i fond it a bit disappointing but i move on. it is not thefirst time he showed he does not get it. [to be continued, i am in the club and i may dance now].

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