Meaningless Coincidences

a weekend to remember. filled with meaningless coincidences but relaxed and gay. yeah, he is good looking. ok! he is hot. all right! i fell. i am falling. it will go away. he is not going to call. or text. i always did. but it doesn’t matter. the sex was wild and exactly what i needed and have gone without for a while. i feel good about myself. he was stingy with the compliments so i am not hooked. i did not think it would happen. first i saw his hairy chest on his grindr profile. then he sent me a face pic. oh, boy, i said, this is not going to happen. then we spent 7 hours and i said, ok, this is it. then i stirred the pot and we moved the conversation to whatsapp. and we met again. briefly at the gym then we spent an afternoon eating and talking. then we went to his place to allegedly sleep. but we ended up having sex. like… wild hot savage sex. then we slept. then he shared food with me and then… the end.

PS – at the restaurant when we ordered I forgot to ask them to have the dill removed from the salad. he remembered and went to ask them just that. i don’t think is means anything but was nice nonetheless.

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