i heart u

the t-shirt. did not see at first. i was way too much into his eyes and smile. our bodies touched for a brief moment and i felt his bulge, actually his erection right on my butt chic. oh, hello! he wants to talk. he wants to know me or something. he wants it all to be human. I really don’t know what he wants from me. all i know is I want to  fuck him. he is attractive and i must admit I am more than curious to see his dick. yeap. he makes a tea for himself and coffee for me. we seat at the table as if to talk but i say to him that it’s just sex and we don’t need to talk. after all he knows stuff about me  way more than it os necessary and I don’t know almost anything about him. we move in the bedroom upstairs.

oh, you should he the bedroom. it is spacious, to say the least. and he has a dresser that is size of my whole room at home. i point this out and he says that, there are whole famillies that live in smaller spaces. alas, he doesn’t get it. you don’t say that or anything. he is cinical and lacks emphaty. i fond it a bit disappointing but i move on. it is not thefirst time he showed he does not get it. [to be continued, i am in the club and i may dance now].

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