the insecure alpha

don’t hold my hand, don’t touch me and, god forbid, never kiss me in public. you would ask why? well, his rationale is that people seeing us will figure out we are gay and would reckon that i am tye top and he is the bottom. i could barely contain my laughter. he was playing with me his alpha role and i let him. i am the alpha here even if with him i was a bottom in bed. i call the shots. but i let him believe what he needed to believe in order to get what i wanted from him. narcisists need to be acknowledged and get appreciation just enough and you get anything you want from them. occasionally there is the narcisist asshole that will make you jump through loops and you may want to not do that and him altogether. we eventually parted and only got to hand jobs and blow jobs. good enough considering what i had to put up with. but the young alpha was insecure. he was only 24.

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