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A little bit into the afternoon, 20 years ago today, my father died. I hated him a lot. I still do. I can never forgive him, let alone forget what he did to me. But the worst part is that … Continue reading

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body shaming

I hated my body for as long as I can remember. My father body shamed me all the time. I was skinny and tall. Then somebody at school started calling me ‘the skeleton’. I tried to live with all of … Continue reading

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fail. you are good enough.

today a grandmother scolded her 7yo in front of people getting on the bus. he stumbled in a dump in the pavement and almost dragged his grandma with him. ‘you stupid. do you see how stupid you are! … ‘ … Continue reading

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it was a afternoon, about 31 year ago. i would take a nap in the afternoon. my mother was around me at all times. i have never before been alone at home. my mother was with me at all times, … Continue reading

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Inspirat de acest post http://www.totalg.ro/gay2gay/egoismul-parintilor-si-al-nostru-al-tuturor am hotarat sa scriu putin despre mine. din nou catarsis. tatal meu a incercat sa ma creasca cum a crezut el mai bine, fara sa ajunga sa ma cunoasca cu adevarat si in plus a … Continue reading

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