The Irresistible Force met the Unmovable Object

he is too distant. i am too pushy. or too insistent. or i just try too hard.

i really liked him. i still do. but is a post too far and i can’t reach it. he just won’t call, or text or bother. i don’t exist for him and he is my new obsession that i need to kick. so i did what my therapist suggested: i told him i am here with my door wide open and he can call me anytime, then i just shut up. if it happens, yay, if not, well, i wasn’t meant to be. he is a libra after all. i am a magical goat. not much celestial overlap here. but the sex was GOOD!!!! oh, so good! what a waste!

PS – in the unlikely case you wonder, i am the irresistible force…

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