amends with my grandfather

i used to hate you deeply like the ocean hates the land and everything on it.
you were authoritarian, insensitive, fake, fearful. i hated everything you wanted me to do, the way you wanted me to do it. i feared you and resented you. i did not understand why. i hated when i felt i may become you. i did not want to be like you. you made me doubt myself so many times and that is what broke me into million pieces.
about a year ago i figured something out, though. within the clutter in my head i figured something precious. now, when i come to think of it, you were my first teacher of English, EVER. and you did not even speak English. you took leasson for three month to teach me English. tears find their way from my eyes as i write this. nobody ever did something like this for me and perhaps never will. and for that, i thank you.

your grandson

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