well, last night i finally went to queens club. it was an event, ‘gay fetish’ with four actual porn stars, among whom francesco d’macho and demian cross. the other two i did not like, so it will not worth mentioning. unlike purple club, here the age average is higher, i would estimate at around 32. that is good if still not perfect. music is still dance, house, whatever. did not like all the music all the time, but i appreciated much madonna’s new single, ‘give it ro me’ at one point. overall, i liked it in there and i think i will perhaps go again some of these days…
why awkward? hmm, i had the chance to meet some past fuck flings or just acquaintances, people i though i will never see and that i am not sure how to react to. i would have loved to fuck again some of them or just fuck/be fucked by the ones i have not, yet. so, what did i do? play uninterested. maybe not such a smart move. did not have another. perhaps, things happen for a reason and those people i am not supposed to befriend. or maybe not. on a lighter note, demian cross touched me briefly. i like the two of them. they are great together.

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