cheap porn

he got what he wanted. i got what i did not ask for. nothing. he has a big one. 8 in, slightly crooked to the right. i fucked him. he was ok with it. my 6 in went in and pounded his hole till i got tired of doing it, about 2 minutes later. then one false move and my jaw runs into his forehead. awkward moment aside from the momentary pain. then he fucks me. he needs poppers. he offers me to sniff but i say no. he speak words of desire, like ‘ don’t you like it?’ ‘isn’t it good?’ ‘do you want me to fuck you?’ and stuff like that. kissing is out of the question. i try to make a move but it is not reciprocated. i give up. after he cums, he falls on his back and closes his eyes. it is dark in the room. the dog, his dog, a black cocker spaniel, dozes off in an armchair. i start to run my fingers up and down his body. he is ticklish. i stop. i stand up and look for my belongings. the tv shows american psycho. i sit on the bed side to put on my socks. i am blocking the view. so i stand up and continue to dress. i leave. no hard feelings. i feel good about myself. i am ok. i am good.

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1 Response to cheap porn

  1. stereoscopic says:

    Hey now boy,
    Where you bin?
    Smashed up toy,
    are you lost again?
    Your circuits blown,
    will you find your
    coordinates home?

    Your batteries low,
    did you crash again?
    Robotboy, do you
    need a friend?
    Hey little droid,
    Is your head on wrong?

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