Day 8 – Short term goals for this month and why

I am not able, it seems, to meet goals. That is why I don’t set myself any. Or maybe I do only to beat myself up when I fail. Maybe I just don’t want to meet my goals because I do not believe in them. Am I making any sense here? No. I know, I know.

Soooo… there are 11 days left of March of 2011. What can I do to make it worthwhile? I could make a real, good and… real friend. Or I could make up with someone. Or fall in love… no, not this one. It takes time for things like this. It is not like finishing a long overdue chore.

Ok, enough with this rant.

As I am continuing my attempt into saving myself, I want, by this month’s end, to find the answer to one question: how do I get to love myself?



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