Gay Fest Parade 2009

it was the first time for me. a friend suggested i leave the car parked at the arrival point. and so i did. then i went back to Piata Unirii and had a chance to see the police presence on every street in the area. i felt suddenly secure and not so. if it takes so many policemen then the peril is real, i thought. i got nervous. but then i knew i was not alone even if surrounded by drag queens and queens in general, myself included. one hour went fast and i got to the entrance point in the perimeter. a volunteer from Accept recognized me and i got a rainbow flag and entered to a strange public place where all of a sudden i felt i belong. i was among my kind and that was somehow reassuring. i need to say i am worried about the project of a new civil code but right then and there it at that time that did not matter much to me. i was there and that is all that mattered. i promise to keep going to these marches every year because every soul counts. now i know that first hand.

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