good things happen to those who wait?!

it happened after nearly 6 month. i had sex. for many people and the majority of gay men this may not be that unusual. oh, or it is. 6 month? ‘wtf is wrong with you, man?’ would be the standard reaction. or ‘well, it was 6 month or so since i had sex myself’… the last one i do not want to hear. however, what are the chances for an old fart like me to have three of a good thing at once? one, he is 20yo. two, he is hung, like +20cm. three, he wanted to have sex with me. and, so, i ended up in his bathroom, at 4am, worthshiping every inch of his body, lean, defined, perfect, i should say, kissing, caressing, just enjoying life.
so, perhaps good things happen to those who wait and wish for the right thing, such as ‘the unexpected’.

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