i am not arrogant.

for a very strange reason that i can not grasp, people think i am arrogant. i swear i am not arrogant. it is not my intention at all. i try to be humble as much as i can. i go to great lengths to stay out of the way and i make efforts to blend into the background and keep out of sight. so, why people think i am arrogant? somebody enlighten me.
oh, well, i may be pissed off at times, but for good reason. or… not? i sometimes say things that will make people want to break any connections with me. perhaps it is a lack of social skills (how i love this construction) coming from the fact that i was raised in a ‘green house’ away from civilization and i came to exhibit that savage behavior that children lost in the forest have.
perhaps that is the case with me. i am a savage in this civilized world.
thus, please, i beg you, bear with me.

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  1. monsoux says:

    I wouldn’t worry. I remember I once got a very funny, in retrospect, message saying “you are so dry and airtight”. By the way, it was based solely on my profile info 🙂 Just have a merry season. Every season 😉

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