my gods

i would like to have one god to care about me. to teach me how to behave, to teach me what to say, to spend time with me because i am alone. perhaps this would be the god of lonelyness.
i would like to have a god to care for children when their parents are not paying attention to them or if they are not around them. I would call this god Smi, and i am pretty sure that it would be a very funny god. it oughta be.
i would like to have a god for feeding. litteraly. to help me prepare my meals in time and to end world hunger. he should be named Remmy.
i would like to have a god to care for the people i love and care for. he should be something like a friendship/love god and help me make happy all those i love and care. they are, they exist. it is just that they don’t know that yet.
i would like to have a god for all those people, like me, that are different. they should be care for by something or someone. this god should look like a woman and be named Wanda.
that is about it. for the rest of the problems, i am sure we can fix without the help of a god.

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One Response to my gods

  1. M. says:

    iti multumesc pentru ca ai preluat aceasta leapsa si pentru ca i-ai dedicat acest post! toate cele bune!

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