my take on bisexuals

i just had sex with my second self identified bisexual. sure he has a 7.5 in dick and he was everything i like in a fuck buddy. but he has no bedside manners. i did not feel a thing, he did not care about me and basically made me not want him in the end. he even push himself so hard over me that i pulled a muscle in the back of my left thigh.

and when i think i was so nervous all day about this and wanted so much to meet him only to be so disappointed.

now is the time to remember my first bisexual. he was extremely self-confident, did not suck my dick and just sat there in bed waiting for me to suck him and the insert myself unto his dick. well, at least the second one had a thicker implement.

thus, my conclusion: bisexual men do not give a shit about the men they fuck.  wonder if they treat the women the same way. hmm…

[LATER EDIT] i almost forgot the 20 x 20 bi that asked me not to call / text his mobile because of the nosy girlfriend. perhaps i was more indulgent with him due to his age given inexperience and also his huge dick 😛

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