my take on size…

… dick size, to be exact.

well, i like big dicks. i am a size queen in my own right. i like to just lay there, on my back, and have friction do the work for me. relax, have my partner finger me first, kiss my lips gently, tease my ass hole with the head, spoil my nipples, and then…

you can’t find big dicks everywhere and you can only get lucky seldom. i have this feeling that a big dicked guy can not maintain a relationship because he is always in demand and if he got it, he may as well use it. thus i am not into anything L and above.

from my own personal experience i can not confidently say that bigger is always better.

i had a 50 yo with a thick 19 cm (i figured) dick that would not keep it up. i had a perhaps 23 cm dick that i could not enjoy in the dark on a meeting room table. i had a 20 yo x 20 cm dick in his bathroom that i did not want to discourage. i had a man with something of a thick  17-18 cm that gave me an orgasm just by holding me in his arms. i had a rather average 16 cm one with a magic mouth attached to it and some moved that made me scream for the first time, ever, in the act. i had, twice, a 13 cm very determined top (size shy top) that made me feel nothing but i love because of his attitude, stamina and kind approach.

i can say i sampled the whole spectrum, that is not to mention the dildos. i can say, in whole truthfulness and honesty, that dick size, to me, at least, is not the whole thing. but, as so happens in life, you can not have them all. or, as in my case, buy a dildo, and circumvent the whole date / pretension / condom / doubt / dissatisfaction thing. as the saying goes, if you want something done, do it yourself. or buy in bulk. with cold cash. there are lots of guys whose only asset is a big dick. though a dildo is cheaper. and safer.

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