rejection: how it’s done

i have been rejected. almost all the time. from my father who wished i was different, to my mother who wanted a girl, to the last guy that i spoke with. for me the experience was different every time. in some cases was implied, in other it was direct. i must say i prefer the direct rejections. at least i know and i am released to move on. in the past 18 month i was rejected three times. it was somewhat disappointing even if i should have seen them coming. one relationship was setup to fail from the start. it was because he is playing games and i can not do that give my circumstances. the second was my setup. bad, very bad me. the third was an awful misunderstanding followed by a choice that i had to respect and honor. this post is open to later edits as experience in this matter will accumulate.

[edit] should i be worried? i get rejected in a very curious and new way. he invites me to his home and we talk then we kiss and while kissing i am told that we will not be having sex tonight and that he likes me and that when he likes a guy he jumps on him right away. my question is: why doesn’t he jump on me? i am told we will be having sex at a later date then he never calls. thus: i get rejected. what is it with this withholding sex thing? what is wrong with me?

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