i admit i am into sex. after years of frustration i finally got it right. all these years it was because of that thing were not working the way they where suppose to.
first i though i had something, then i thought that i did not have what it takes. wrong again. to say nothing about my self confidence. it was low. i was at a loss. however, all this time, never crossed my mind that it was men that made me tick.
it took me a while to see the need to explore my sexuality and to break out of the vicious circle. at the age of 34, after 10 years of marriage to a woman, i did it. i had sex with a man. the first time was a disaster. i did this experimenting clandestinely.  the second man i had it was a blast. i was astounded to discover such a confident bottom. it opened by eyes.
and then… it was the fling. no easy thing. he showed me the difference. he was my defining moment. from thereon everything was different. after him, i was just gay and nothing else. i was 34 years, 8 month and 25 days old.

now, you know…

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2 Responses to sex

  1. C. L. DeMedeiros says:

    It’s a long way to the top
    of self discovering
    I’m happy for you

  2. Turrando says:

    Congratulations for your recognizing what and who you really are. It must have been a hard time!
    Anyway, it’s nice to see such a handsome man turning out to be gay!

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