The man of my dreams

I think i am allowed to dream from time to time.

I just got off of a one hour long phone conversation with a friend. We were talking about stuff and at one point i told her about my ideal type of guy, that i would spend a life time with.

Well, yo might think i am shallow and shit, but this is me.

So, here goes:

he has to be tall, about the same height as me, give or take. he has to be masculine. butch, but in a good sense. he has to work out regularly. he need not be a bodybuilder but he needs to be fit. as i always strive to be fit, the two of as will work wonders (besides, i really need a gym buddy to trains with).

well, he needs to be able to receive whatever i have to offer, no matter how little or insignificant, because what i give him is meant. he must have a sense of humor and the wisdom to make the difference…

he should be versatile in bed, even if i am more bottom than top (i pound ass from time to time, so why not return the favor if i can). he has to be a gentleman in bed. i respond in kind.

and, last, but not least, he must love me.
oh, i almost forgot! there is one treat that is very important to me: he must be good with children.

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