the writing’s on the wall

damage has been done. trust was broken. feeling were hurt. there is nothing to be said or done. i am not a mind doctor, i do not read peoples’ minds and i can not predict the future. i know what i need, i know what i want, i know my feelings and that is all i would have to read. i can not fix other peoples lives, i can not make them better. all i can and should be doing is to fix my life. i love myself with the good and the bad, with qualities and flaws. i believe that i have purpose even if i may not fully see it now. i believe i deserve to be loved for even the little that i have to offer. i love dearly the few people in my life and i know that i am loved by them too. i can only hope that someday i will find a man to share my life with, a man that is truly the love of my life.

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