two weeks

long story short: i meet people and i can not seem to keep them in my life for more than two weeks on average. since all just disappear without a word, i could only figure out that it is a problem with me. and i am told i do stuff in purpose to drive them away.

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3 Responses to two weeks

  1. A.I. says:

    there is no problem with you. the secret is not trying to keep them…let them free and free yourself. be yourself and the ones who really love you will stick with you. but is possible that the ones who love you not to be the ones you tried to keep. be greatful for this.

  2. pinkgecko23 says:

    you know what? indeed, those who love me stuck with me. now i see it. and those who were not afraid to love me for what i am, as few as they are, they stuck with me too, eventually.

  3. A.I. says:

    and I am one of them. but I want a real life based friendship meaningful and true. and I am ready to do so…

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