with every meet we grow apart

and it pains me to see how powerless i am. and not good enough. and i learnt to love you. with every other day i love you more and the distance between us adds another mile. i know now that i am not able. and i will not. you will not. you do not want to. it frightens me. you frighten me. with every meet i learn about you. something good, something bad. the bad is actually a reflexion of me in you. and because the good never outweights the bad, nothing can be built. you are very intelligent and i am not, you are likable and i am not, you are good and i am bad, you have experience and you do not, you are good in bed and i am not. and i wish i were.

“you’re so big. i can’t bear to be so small. i want to be visible from the moon, like the great wall of china.”

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