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the disadvantage of being alone

i just realized a major disadvantage of being alone. i ate and as result, unbeknownst to me, i left some tomato sauce and something else around my month. i carried that throughout my entire walk downtown. no one said a … Continue reading

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Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow ?

… in my bed with someone special by my side

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mixed feelings once again

i am sad because i am o the brink of losing two recent friends, both at once. i over exposed them to my inner emotions and i got them tired of my ups and downs.a week from now i will … Continue reading

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explanation to a very big embarrassment

i need to explain myself even if this will not change your take on me: not even to this day do I know where Harman is, for instance. I spend way too many summer vacations in Brasov and unfortunately i … Continue reading

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comment to a link on FB to “personal spectator”

here it goes:“sometimes it takes a proposal like that to give you a jolt to change. something that shackes everything inside of you and makes you see yourself as you are. i should add that she will be more confident … Continue reading

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good things happen to those who wait?!

it happened after nearly 6 month. i had sex. for many people and the majority of gay men this may not be that unusual. oh, or it is. 6 month? ‘wtf is wrong with you, man?’ would be the standard … Continue reading

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