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body shaming

I hated my body for as long as I can remember. My father body shamed me all the time. I was skinny and tall. Then somebody at school started calling me ‘the skeleton’. I tried to live with all of … Continue reading

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You knocked me off my feet

I am falling. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t care. He’s just not into me. We had sex and it blew my mind. I have no idea how it was for him. We slept together. Like, we took a nap in … Continue reading

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to clear the air

on the subject of my relationships, or lack of: I never had a relationship with a man ever upto today march 9, 2016. there were three attempts and a failure to lauch that just failed today. so I actually have … Continue reading

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we reconnected on gayromeo. i was about to close my account when he asked me if i am still single. then he disclosed who he was and i remembered. i said i wanted to meet him. and then i f**ked … Continue reading

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it hurt, i did not enjoy it and he wants to meet me again. he is very sexy, dark completion, very manly and hung. i like him but it was just bad timing. i did not plan for sex and … Continue reading

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sex in trei

citeam asta. sunt putin stresat in seara asta si am cautat sa citesc ceva despre subiect: sex in trei. tocmai am constatat ca nu am pe nimeni cu care sa discut chestiile astea. prin urmare iar sunt singur in fata … Continue reading

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my take on bisexuals

i just had sex with my second self identified bisexual. sure he has a 7.5 in dick and he was everything i like in a fuck buddy. but he has no bedside manners. i did not feel a thing, he … Continue reading

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the worst time to fall in love

Valentine’s Day 2010: maybe too critical, lapse emotionally and too weak to perform, e.i. the worst time to fall in love. I will be staying home by myself.

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the disadvantage of being alone

i just realized a major disadvantage of being alone. i ate and as result, unbeknownst to me, i left some tomato sauce and something else around my month. i carried that throughout my entire walk downtown. no one said a … Continue reading

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