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A friend in need…

People misinterpret this thinking that the measure if a friendship is made from the things people do to each other in kind. Truth is that friends do things for friends when they need them most but are not able to … Continue reading

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new year’s resolutions

In no particular order: spend more time with my son. he is priority #1 when it comes to men. keep a rigorous diet to get me those elusive 6pack abs keep the course at work (after all i won the … Continue reading

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a date with a libra

i had a date today. with a libra. it has mismatch written all over it. and i don’t like this idea. he is cute, very intelligent, good-looking and 10 years younger. i, on the other hand, am not so good … Continue reading

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mixed feelings once again

i am sad because i am o the brink of losing two recent friends, both at once. i over exposed them to my inner emotions and i got them tired of my ups and downs.a week from now i will … Continue reading

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i think his patience is running thin and i am afraid to lose him. i managed to disappoint him a great deal with all the stupid things i said lately. he is someone that remained with me throughout my depression … Continue reading

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