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body shaming

I hated my body for as long as I can remember. My father body shamed me all the time. I was skinny and tall. Then somebody at school started calling me ‘the skeleton’. I tried to live with all of … Continue reading

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accept joy and let go of fear

I got this quote from the golden globes telecast. I think it was Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t remember exactly. however I think this should be my state of mind from now on. you know, we often forbid … Continue reading

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my strategy: pre-reject everyone

… including me. that prevents all rejection. and the eventual looser that would like my ugly face and fat body. cause, in the the words of the great margaret chow, ‘if you like me then you are a bigger looser … Continue reading

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love may have been wasted

what if for the past year i may have been obsesing for the wrong man while the true one may have passed by me into another’s arms and we may have been condmned to a life long unhappiness?

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cum si unde vad eu diversitate in Romania

nu ma prea pricep la scris asa ca o sa spun ce cred eu despre diversitate in Romania asa cum pot. pai, in primul rand cred ca exista diversitate in Romania. poate nu se vede, dar exista oameni diferiti de … Continue reading

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who’s loving me?

it is this thing. a superstition or something. every time you look at the clock and it is the exact top of the hour, it is said that somebody loves you. it has happened to me very often lately. and every time … Continue reading

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friday night, saturday night

i went out this week end. i needed a break after all the pain and sadness. it felt good. i danced, a laughed, i joked, i had fun. and i found that i have friends and that i am not alone … Continue reading

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a date with a libra

i had a date today. with a libra. it has mismatch written all over it. and i don’t like this idea. he is cute, very intelligent, good-looking and 10 years younger. i, on the other hand, am not so good … Continue reading

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positive words, people said, that describe me

humor intelligent look will to be better fun freedom optimist truth son iPod intelligence keen on details and analytic adaptable / flexible curiosity and challenge emotional intelligence courage unconditional love add your own if you dare. or care.

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madonna stood up for me

i was going to title this post ‘the dancer in green sport pants is hot’. Madonna however changed all that when she had the guts to stand against discrimination. the discrimination that is so endemic in Romania. i loved the … Continue reading

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