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accept joy and let go of fear

I got this quote from the golden globes telecast. I think it was Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t remember exactly. however I think this should be my state of mind from now on. you know, we often forbid … Continue reading

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cheap porn

he got what he wanted. i got what i did not ask for. nothing. he has a big one. 8 in, slightly crooked to the right. i fucked him. he was ok with it. my 6 in went in and … Continue reading

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with every meet we grow apart

and it pains me to see how powerless i am. and not good¬†enough. and i learnt to love you. with every other day i love you more and the distance between us adds another mile. i know now that i … Continue reading

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strange sensations

i had a very strange experience last night. it was supposed to be a toy play. i brought my entire collection. but we ended up in a long 69 and then something strange happened. we just held each other and … Continue reading

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it was a afternoon, about 31 year ago. i would take a nap in the afternoon. my mother was around me at all times. i have never before been alone at home. my mother was with me at all times, … Continue reading

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