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i came out to my mother a couple of weeks after i came out to my cousin and subsequently to my mother’s sister and her granddaughter. i have to say that i split between telling her and having a weight lifted from my heart and not telling for for the fear of her reaction. i asked my cousin to probe her on the subject but i decided to tell her anyway on the spur of the moment. i was driving her home one day, sometime in november. i remember we were passing by the big house of the parliament when all of a sudden i said ‘mom, i have something to tell you: i am gay’ all in one breath. i remember that she immediately said that if i would have found a good girl this would not have happened. i told her that i think i must have been gay all my life but only now i got to accept it and live by it. now that i think of it, her impromptu reaction is a bit suspicious. she and my father, god rest his soul, must have suspected something and perhaps decided to ‘help’ me stay straight. i wish i could see my father’s reaction to that. really. or my grandfather’s. i know what my grandmother would have said, something like ‘are you sure?’ and ‘be careful’.

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