Day 12 – Nicknames you have and how you got them

I must admit that i like this single challenge. It should be fun. So, let’s see:

The Horse –  I had this one when I was in 4th grade. I got it in summer camp because I was running very fast and I was the tallest in the class. And, no it is not because of the size of my dong.

The grandson of the Kilometer – I got this one from some kids in my neighborhood. Because I was taller than anyone else around, duh!

The Bear – I got it in high-school from my first name that ends in ‘bal’. That got into ‘Balloo’, then the bear.

TZUTZU – this should be my current nickname. I got it at work from my boss. The caps letters are very important and they distinguished between me and my former office colleague that was nicknamed ‘tzutzu’ with lower cases.


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