Day 13 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

There isn’t anyone who has hurt me lately. There really isn’t. Or maybe it was but I do not give it that much importance. Instead, I would rather write a generic letter because most of the time people hurt me by not answering my phone calls or texts, by ignoring me, by telling nasty things to me, by making me feel bad, by mocking me or laughing at me, by letting me take the blame, by not genuinely caring for me, by lying to me, by disregarding what I want, by discounting my feelings. I would say to them that I forgive them. They have a life, they have their friends and don’t need a new one or they are busy. I get it. That’s why I forgive them. Of course, I will still be alone, but that is OK, I guess. A lot of people live alone, unknown and forgotten, and they are still around. I am just one of them and for that it is nobody’s fault but my own.

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