once you go black…

Man, that thing was big. Thick and maybe a bit too long. And the conversation before the ‘rolling’ was good. The guy is every gay man’s dream: intelligent and hung. As for me, well, I reset the dry period timer after about 6 month. Can not say more. It was maybe too short and not the way I would have wanted it to be. But it ‘was’ and not ‘was not’ so I can not complain.

As for ‘never coming back’, well I think I came back, alive and well to tell the story. My only hope that I can go back there sometime in the future. I thought: what if the guy meant for me is black? And hung? And hadsome? And is smart? Oh, yes, yes, of course I am dreaming.

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2 Responses to once you go black…

  1. vvritz says:

    i’m still at the “never go back” point… sadly enough

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