why i fell out of love for you

right then, after i finished reading all the posts from
your blog, the magic was broken forever. i knew right then and
there that something is wrong. it took me several month to figure
out your games. it was all in front of me but i guess i was not
ready to accept the fact that you were not perfect. at first i
change the subject of the conversation. i said that all i wanted
from you was to have sex with you. that was a lie. i wanted more
than sex. i wanted you all for myself and myself only. that was
unrealistic, i see know. i though at some point that i could help
you change. now i know that is not fair to ask someone to change
just because you need them different. then i hoped you will find me
special and do things differently, maybe fall in love for me. that
was sad. really sad. i did not tell you that i fell for you because
a part of me knew it was in vain. i cried about it here
in many posts dedicated to you in the hope that it will go away.
after a while the wear and tear set in, i guess, and i started to
feel differently about you. i became aware of other things in life
by this time and so it may also have been that i had my mind
occupied. now, this is it. i know better. it is over.

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