The beginning of a fling

It was a not so cold Saturday afternoon. As I was sitting across the table from this man, I was playing with my new phone. I said I am sorry but he said he knows how it is when you have a new toy. He was having a beer and I was sipping from a Coca Cola. We were talking about things. He told me his ideea of a fun afternoon was to sit and watch cartoons, you know, like Disney’s Pocahontas, Bambi, stuff like that. Strange picture he was painting, as an hour and a half later we would have worked our bodies against each other in the best fuck I’d ever had. I must admit that it was good, rimming me and kissing me and sucking me. His a misterious guy. At least to me. His a mix of lost child, male hustler and home husband. He told me he loves children.

I would like to write more about him. Well, maybe in another post. Some other day.

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