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with every meet we grow apart

and it pains me to see how powerless i am. and not good enough. and i learnt to love you. with every other day i love you more and the distance between us adds another mile. i know now that i … Continue reading

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it hurt, i did not enjoy it and he wants to meet me again. he is very sexy, dark completion, very manly and hung. i like him but it was just bad timing. i did not plan for sex and … Continue reading

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true love

i was talking with my mom today about love and stuff and she just said to me: “you know, your father and i were in love even after 28 years. you know, after 28 years, he would still tell me … Continue reading

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The man of my dreams

I think i am allowed to dream from time to time. I just got off of a one hour long phone conversation with a friend. We were talking about stuff and at one point i told her about my ideal … Continue reading

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tell him…

i was recently told that i do not express my feelings. i gave some thought to this. i think i don’t. indeed, i never had the courage of my opinions and i never actually was comfortable with my own feelings to lay … Continue reading

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three things to make it right

someone told me this week that a couple consists of three things: you, him and the relationship. the two of you exist as individuals but the third thing is what makes the difference. it is the bond, it is the … Continue reading

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i don’t love him

a good friend of mine, you know who you are, made me question my love for him. well, she says that you can not tell that you love somebody and can not live without him, if have not sent enough … Continue reading

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the writing’s on the wall

damage has been done. trust was broken. feeling were hurt. there is nothing to be said or done. i am not a mind doctor, i do not read peoples’ minds and i can not predict the future. i know what … Continue reading

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friday night, saturday night

i went out this week end. i needed a break after all the pain and sadness. it felt good. i danced, a laughed, i joked, i had fun. and i found that i have friends and that i am not alone … Continue reading

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