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You knocked me off my feet

I am falling. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t care. He’s just not into me. We had sex and it blew my mind. I have no idea how it was for him. We slept together. Like, we took a nap in … Continue reading

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my strategy: pre-reject everyone

… including me. that prevents all rejection. and the eventual looser that would like my ugly face and fat body. cause, in the the words of the great margaret chow, ‘if you like me then you are a bigger looser … Continue reading

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i am thinking of you…

and you, and you, and you… every time i listen to vampire weekend and especially hortchata, i think of you. your long dark hair. i am sorry i could not take the initiative. i wish i could chase you (or … Continue reading

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two weeks

long story short: i meet people and i can not seem to keep them in my life for more than two weeks on average. since all just disappear without a word, i could only figure out that it is a … Continue reading

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mixed feelings once again

i am sad because i am o the brink of losing two recent friends, both at once. i over exposed them to my inner emotions and i got them tired of my ups and downs.a week from now i will … Continue reading

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i think his patience is running thin and i am afraid to lose him. i managed to disappoint him a great deal with all the stupid things i said lately. he is someone that remained with me throughout my depression … Continue reading

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