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the insecure alpha

don’t hold my hand, don’t touch me and, god forbid, never kiss me in public. you would ask why? well, his rationale is that people seeing us will figure out we are gay and would reckon that i am tye … Continue reading

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The Irresistible Force met the Unmovable Object

he is too distant. i am too pushy. or too insistent. or i just try too hard. i really liked him. i still do. but is a post too far and i can’t reach it. he just won’t call, or … Continue reading

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i heart u

the t-shirt. did not see at first. i was way too much into his eyes and smile. our bodies touched for a brief moment and i felt his bulge, actually his erection right on my butt chic. oh, hello! he … Continue reading

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so… no sex for me in 2011 either

says http://www.unica.ro/detalii/articole/horoscop-viata-sexuala-zodii-anul-2011-7921/pagina/2.html i say   🙁

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once you go black…

Man, that thing was big. Thick and maybe a bit too long. And the conversation before the ‘rolling’ was good. The guy is every gay man’s dream: intelligent and hung. As for me, well, I reset the dry period timer after about … Continue reading

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rejection: what to do about it

nothing. suck it! move on! don’t look back.

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rejection: how it’s done

i have been rejected. almost all the time. from my father who wished i was different, to my mother who wanted a girl, to the last guy that i spoke with. for me the experience was different every time. in … Continue reading

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cheap porn

he got what he wanted. i got what i did not ask for. nothing. he has a big one. 8 in, slightly crooked to the right. i fucked him. he was ok with it. my 6 in went in and … Continue reading

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it hurt, i did not enjoy it and he wants to meet me again. he is very sexy, dark completion, very manly and hung. i like him but it was just bad timing. i did not plan for sex and … Continue reading

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my boyfriend name is…

… not yet decided. a fried of my office colleague visited today and as i was introduced, she noted out-loud that her husband name is Traian. right then and there i though how ironic would be to have a bf named Traian. ironic indeed: “here is … Continue reading

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